Upholsterers in Billericay | An Introductory Upholstery Glossary

As with any other trade specialists, upholsterers use a wide range of industry-specific terms that can often seem like a different language to the uninitiated. Naturally, as a customer-focused company, we never let this get in the way of our communication with clients in Billericay and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on achieving complete satisfaction on every job we complete; and that doesn’t only mean the quality of the furniture we produce. We provide a complete service package, and that includes giving our customers the ultimate peace of mind for the duration of their project.


By way of an introduction to our service, we have listed below some of the most frequent trade terminology used by our upholsterers.



Bias-cut – This cut involves upholsterers cutting diagonally from one corner of a chosen fabric across to the opposite one. Some fabrics, such as checks, have a different personality when cut in such a way, others will have a different drape.


Colourway – This term covers the range of available standalone colours, or colour combinations, for one specific fabric. Our customers in Billericay can benefit from dramatically different styles when presented with one fabric in varying colourways.


Deck – Our upholsterers use this term to describe the flat platform beneath an upholstered chair’s seat cushion. In most cases, decks receive a plain fabric covering. This feature must have a firm resilience, and the occupant shouldn’t be able to notice the springs.


Fabric Backing – We use this term to describe the additional layer applied to specific fabrics, including chenille, during upholstered applications. Without fabric backing, certain materials sag and stretch. We recommend our customers in Billericay choose fabrics labelled as “all-purpose” or “upholstery weight”.


Gimp – The term “gimp” describes a tightly woven, fancy-looking trim with a resemblance to a braided ribbon. In most cases, a gimp conceals tacks where the fabric meets a section of exposed wooden frame.


Ground – Our upholsterers use the term “ground” to describe the background colour of a printed fabric. Due to the varying scales and densities of patterns, the ground may not be the dominant colour.


Interlining – This term describes the fabric our upholsterers sew between the outer upholstery and the inner foundation covering. This fabric stabilises more light-weight fabrics while improving durability.


Pattern Match – Our upholsterers use pattern match skills to ensure the pattern of a fabric flows in an unbroken manner across all cushions and seams. When performed to the highest standards, pattern matching makes seams all but invisible.


Railroading – This cutting technique involves cutting on the cross grain, primarily to guard against seams in larger pieces. Railroading also refers to patterns which run horizontally off the bolt.


Selvage – We use this term to describe edges with a tight weave that stops fabric from fraying while rolled up. In order to drape smoothly, we cut the selvage away from many fabrics.


Tight-back – Our upholsterers use this term to describe a piece with no semi-attached or loose back cushions. While this style looks tailored, it offers much less comfort for those looking to lounge and proves more difficult to clean.


Up the roll – In essence, this represents the opposite of railroading. This term applies to furniture with a pile or pattern running vertically with the fabric cut along the straight grain.


Welting – Sewn into the seam of an upholstered item, welting is a seam with a fabric covering. These edges not only create the silhouette of the furniture but strengthens its seams too.

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